Infinity Nursing Scarves

Infinity Nursing Scarves

My wonderful cousin had this brilliant idea to make infinity scarves that open up and cover you when nursing. I loved the idea and checked out examples online and thought that I could make them myself. I didn’t really find any great tutorials so I decided to create this one! I made 5 for her after she selected 5 yards of Cotton Jersey knit, 1 yd per scarf, from the beloved Girl Charlee website. I chose to use Cotton Knit Jersey because its thin enough that when doubled to stitch you can’t see through it but it’s thin enough that it can also wrap around your neck twice comfortably without feeling like you are wearing a blanket around your neck.

They are about 18″ width. To wear as a scarf, you can fold them in half and wrap them once or twice. I love how they turned out and can’t wait to make my own later today! Once completed I will add a tutorial for created them yourself! For now here are two shots of the first five I created.


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Free Infinity Nursing Scarf Tutorial

Skill Level:

1 yard of Cotton Jersey Knit. Its light weight and perfect for this. –  60″ x 36″ I used fabric from Girl Charlee
Matching Polyester thread
Stretch or Ballpoint needle
Sewing Machine or Serger


If you use a sewing machine be sure to zig zag the edges. I put my machine on the smallest zig zag width. and space the stiches medium or slightly smaller.

You need to backstitch and the best way to do that with knits is to set your stitch spacing to your lowest setting. For me that is 1.

I trim all the selvage off after sewing before turning it right side out. (you do what you are more comfortable with.

Seam Allowance:  3/8″

Step 1

Fold your fabric right sides together lengthwise. making it 18″ tall by 60″ wide.

Step 2

Pin the 60″ side together. Pinning Jersey is important as the ends will roll if its not pinned. Additionally, I find it easier to pin from the middle and work my way to the sides so that the fold doesn’t end up crooked. If you start at the ends your fold could become crooked rather than being flat.

Step 3

Sew the length leaving a 3-4″ gap close to the middle.

Step 4

Fold the left sewn edge inside itself to the far right side putting the two seams “right sides” together.
It will make the width 30″ and the height the same at 18″.
Step 5
Pin the right sides together.

Step 6

Sew all the way around both sides. Should form a massive circle on the end.

Step 7

Through the small 3-4″ gap you left on the lengthwise side, turn the scarf right side out.
You should now be able to see the scarf and test it as a scarf to be sure it was sewed together properly. Once you have verified its all sewn properly go to step 8.

Step 8

You can either hand sew the small opening with a hidden stitch or you can top stitch that seam all the way around in turn closing the small gap. I prefer to topstitch it to encourage the scarf to fold and lay down properly.
You are done! Let me know if you have any questions.